Reimagined Finance | The Gentlemen’s Club

We are delighted to announce that The Gentlemen’s Club have entrusted us to manage a portion of their treasury within the newly launched ReFi Pro alongside their strategy to increase their ReFi Token holding.

The Gentlemen’s Club is an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain, it is the first CNFT project that innovates by collecting yields across different chains and chooses to channel realized profits back towards its holders in the form of Airdrops, Giveaways, Contests and games.

Holding a Gentlemen’s Club NFT will also give everyone access to their personal growth channels which include Investment strategies, Fitness & Mental health.

It’s an honour for us to be able to utilise our expertise and protocol to help The Gentlemen’s Club carry out their vision.

Find out more about The Gentlemen’s Club here;



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Reimagined Finance

Reimagined Finance


$ReFi is a crypto investment management protocol listed on the Ethereum & BNB chain, which allocates capital and generates yield for its investors.