Reimagined Finance | Marshall Inu

We are delighted to announce that Marshall Inu (MRI) have entrusted us to manage a portion of their treasury within the newly launched ReFi Pro.

The team and many of our investors at Reimagined Finance have been great admirers of what Marshall Inu have been building since their inception in February 2022 .

Given MRI’s goal is to provide financial aid to help and support fighters worldwide it is an honour we are able to play a small part in this by managing and growing their treasury so they can focus on continually providing important resources to fighters that need them. To date, they have helped more than 400 MMA fighters and donated over $4,000,000 towards things such as trainers and general living expenses.

We hope this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship between both projects and we will continue to support Marshall Inu in anyway we can.



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Reimagined Finance

$ReFi is a crypto investment management protocol listed on the Ethereum & BNB chain, which allocates capital and generates yield for its investors.