Reimagined Finance: Investor Persona Interviews

Interview : #2 in a 10 part series


Hi there I’m Abraxas_Seven and welcome to the second in a series of Investor Persona Interviews.

As CMO of Reimagined Finance, I explore and share insights on the major barriers for investors across the DeFi markets and the learnings we can yield from that in our investment portfolios. This week I was fortunate enough to persuade
@Mikedee, a systems engineer and who’s been in crypto since 2015.. but more importantly is heavily involved in the #refi community. He has a very clear view based on seeing the ups and downs. I must admit there was very strong logic I took from this into my investment approach.

This interview covers his journey and we hope shows the key learnings and that investors can consider for a better plan. ReFi is committed to not just managing and farming your funds across the #defi space but helping to educate our communities so they can make more informed decisions across the #faas space and create more secure, long-term portfolios with consistent ROI’s.

So let’s dive in! And if you would like to be interviewed for the Persona Series please DM me @Abraxas_Seven on Twitter

1. Please introduce yourself as you see fit and then provide your crypto experience and involvement to date.

I live in a cozy mountain town in the states. Married, no kids. I’m old enough that I just had to ask my wife how old I am. My experience in crypto started in 2015, I bought many tops, and sold many bottoms. I had a good run in 2017, buying vaporware ICO’s that no longer exist. I gave it all back in 2018, and then donated the IRS on top of it. I got a small taste of DeFi summer, but really didn’t jump into DeFi until early 2021. As they say, everyone is a genius in a bull market. I spent a lot of time trading perps in 2021, I would have been better simply holding and not overtrading.

2. Could you please give us a 1-minute history of your general business experience and what you do?

I’m a career Systems Engineer, I recently scaled back to DevOps consulting for a retail/eCommerce company. This allows me the flexibility to spend a large chunk of my time talking ReFi with the community and team.

3. How did you get involved with ReFi?

I was there on launch, to those that were involved it was an interesting Friday evening. I chucked in some ETH when trading went live, and the CA was announced, DeFi 3.0 was on fire as a narrative, and there was quite a bit of buzz behind ReFi. It was a phenomenal launch, the dashboard was seamless and ETH was printing from the volume of reflections. Mathdroid absolutely nailed it. Unfortunately there was a bad actor, which in my opinion was an absolute blessing in disguise. It gave bold investors the opportunity to load up at a much lower marketcap. It allowed the legendary team we see today to come together, and really build out what ReFi is today. The launch day story is truly serendipitous. In the first 24 hours, I had the opportunity to get to know a bit about Math, you could hear how genuine he was in the voice chats. You could hear how passionate he was and how much he cared about the investors and ReFi. I wasn’t selling. The contract was so well written, the dashboard was seamless the founder was genuine, to me it was easy move to add more. I could feel it in my gut it was going places.

4. Do you have a crypto strategy and has that evolved since discovering ReFi and if so how?

It’s more of a humbling experience than anything else. Huf and Marc are a marathon in front of me when putting on a trade, I’m always impressed on how they find the alpha, and how they spin so many plates while managing risk. To put it simply, I have always been gambling, these guys are investing/farming. I can win in a bull market, I can get lucky and be in the right place at the right time, but this team is full of professionals. I know my capital is safe in ReFi’s hands. That is something so rare to find in this space.

5. What problems were you facing in crypto investing generally and how has ReFi helped?

I chronically over-trade. I’m also a perma-bull. This is not a winning combo when the market goes south. Having the ability to read the medium articles, daily farming updates, and most importantly the Real Time Alpha telegram channel has shown me how you can actually do this for a living and be successful regardless of the market conditions. There is an unbelievable learning curve to trading successfully in this space and we have true thought leaders managing our treasury.

6. What are the biggest mistakes you see when people engage crypto investing?

Overtrading. Revenge trading. Staying risk on when the trend is clearly bearish. Jumping from coin to coin to try and hit the jackpot.

7. What was your main concern that would have prevented you from investing And what put your fears to rest? In crypto and then ReFi.

I think any concern I have had has already been alleviated. However, in the past longevity has been a concern. The team has proven to me time and time again over the past months that they have a long term vision and a plan in place. They have already proven to me that the model works in all market conditions. They have shown that they are passionate and are here to see the vision through. All we need is time.

8. What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of joining ReFi versus other crypto platforms?

I sleep better, for the first time in my crypto career I know that something is being built out for long term rewards.

Price action in ReFi is simply noise. Although we all like to see the number go up, any investor should be in this for the long term farming rewards. The data is there. Again, all we need is time.

I can spend more time doing things I enjoy, having less stress while being exposed to all of DeFi is a beautiful thing.

9. What made you choose ReFi over anything else you could have done? And how important was the management team in this decision?

I’ll be candid, to me, the team is everything. It is the reason why I held during the tumultuous first 24 hours and continued to add during the following months. I’ve been fortunate enough to have one on one conversations with Mathdroid. Not to over-toot his horn, however he is genuinely a good person, he simply has an incredible heart. This is a rare trait to find in life, and even more rare to find in crypto. I would trust him with my private keys without question. Huf and Marc are nothing short of legends, I am genuinely blown away by their skillset, their work ethic and their passion for the project. They have changed the way I have looked at this space forever. I know I will never be on their level, however I feel fortunate to learn from them.

10. How has Crypto changed since you invested and what new barriers / challenges or opportunities do you see today versus when you started?

Again, I go back to being humbled. This recent downturn has had me taking a step back going more risk off, and learning. The market in the past month has been extremely challenging. I experiment with a lot of new protocols, throw out some gambles here and there to scratch my itch, but I’m mostly allowing the professionals handle my risk.

11. How has your personal life changed since joining ReFi and using this system? For example — are you less stressed about investing has it helped you feel more optimistic or secure?

If you can manage to tune out the price action, trust the process, zoom out and allow the team to build. It’s not an easy thing to do, we’re all human, and this is crypto, everything moves at lightning speed. There are loads of data that proves this model works in the long term. If you take your time to educate yourself, you may just realize you’re sitting on a goldmine with a timer on it.

12. What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about being involved with ReFi?

The community, and the team. Through good times and bad, I have a connection with people across all time zones I know I can rely on and relate to. It’s a beautiful thing.

13. In a % how much has your investment grown with ReFi versus your initial crypto investment?

I was fortunate enough to get in early, however I have some sizable buys near the top. I’m up, and I’m comfy, but nowhere near as comfy as I will be in a year’s time. You hear this a lot in crypto, however I can say this with certainty. You’re very early.

14. If you were to recommend ReFi to your best friend, what would you say?

“You’re dumb enough to be my best friend, you aren’t smart enough to do this on your own, let the professionals handle it for you”.

15. If someone was unsure about joining ReFi, what would you tell them?

I would show them, I feel like we have the data, and the track record to prove that this model both works in any market condition and in my eyes is eventually up only.

16. Is there anything you’d like to add either about your crypto investing experience as a whole or regarding your ReFi journey to date?

I want to express my gratitude to this team. I genuinely feel that they are going to change many lives and change DeFi forever. Love and respect to the community, the team and all of those that have donated to the treasury along the way.


We want to give a big thanks again to @mikedee for his frankness and humor! His story of the ups and downs while not unusual may be different from most as he took learnings and a calm rationale on how to deal with these. This ultimately lead to some projects with real value. The main lesson I took from this was his consistency and patience and staying in the space long term and not getting disheartened by the rugs and black swan events. Have a strategy and stick to it. Long term it will win.

I am looking forward to unveiling the next few interviews, as they are already done! And I can’t wait to uncover more investors of all shapes and sizes who willing to people their story in the crypto space. I am grateful for all interviews time as we all continue to learn about the Crypto market and ensure insights help ReFi become a better project day-by-day! And hopefully you’re investment strategy.

See you next week where we will be doing our weekly REFI Twitter Spaces and for more Persona Investor Interviews.

Have a great investment week!





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Reimagined Finance

$REFI is DeFi as a Service platform on the Ethereum network that is here for good. |

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