ReFi Token Swap Tutorial

Reimagined Finance
3 min readDec 19, 2022

1. When connecting your wallet to our site, you will see two options (NOTE: Please be vigilant and only connect your wallet to the official link provided by the REFI team on 20 December 2022. Remember NOT to respond to anyone who DMs you):

a) Continue with ReFi and use your current allocation to migrate your existing REFI to the new token

b) Exit REFI and claim your portion of the treasury

2. Click on ‘Use allocation to get X number of $XYZ’ or the ‘Exit REFI and claim’ buttons, and wait for the wallet transaction approve request to show up and click ‘Confirm’. Now wait for the transaction to complete.

3. There will be a transaction popup stating how much you are claiming on either the new $XYZ token or $USDC.

4. Once the transaction is successful, there will be a confirmation popup as well, stating that you have “successfully claimed” either $XYZ tokens or $USDC.

5. Check your wallet and confirm that the tokens are in your wallet address. It is preferable to use{your_wallet_address} — you should see the tokens under the token dropdown menu.

6. Once you’ve finished claiming either the new $XYZ token or $USDC, you will be taken to the ‘Thank You’ and completion page.

Final note: The $XYZ token that will be available in your wallet is more like an IOU token. In Q1 2023, we will launch the real token with mature tokenomics, multiple vesting schedule (optional), and current IOU tokens will be able to be swapped 1:1.



Reimagined Finance

$ReFi is a crypto investment management protocol listed on the Ethereum & BNB chain, which allocates capital and generates yield for its investors.