ReFi Pro Official Launch: Investor Update

For those that are unaware, we will look to launch ReFi Pro next week, the first Institutional On-Chain Asset Management Service by Reimagined Finance. This has been many months in the making and a credit to all at ReFi for the hard work and dedication that has been put in to get us to launch. That being said, the real work begins now.

We have been and will always continue to build, and ReFi Pro is an amazing addition to ReFi’s ‘Ecosystem’.

Why Launch Now?

Recently, we have seen numerous projects, firms and funds try and eventually fail to manage clients’ crypto assets safely and effectively, most notably the likes of 3AC, Celsius and Terra, which is why ReFi Pro is a breath of fresh air to the crypto industry.

Risk Management is of paramount importance and we believe that our Investment Team has shown how well they can manage this, with patience, accuracy and a keen eye for detail. It is worth noting that our Investment Team has also been on point in steering the ReFi Treasury from any security exploits or non-stable stablecoins!

The nature of our product, ReFi Pro, does have its own intricacies when launching. In an ideal world, you can line up various investments and partnerships, opening the door for all to flood in on Day 1, as a result, causing quite the stir — however — although individuals, groups and treasuries are free to deposit in ReFi Pro as they wish, there are other projects that, quite rightly given what we have seen in the DeFi space recently, wish to carry out enhanced due diligence, both on the team as well as a working product and platform. These conversations have been and will continue to take place in the background whilst we do all we can to put current, new and potential investors at ease.

As we know from Huf’s investment thesis, many institutional investors would like to see a working product for a set period of time before they step forward to allocate millions of dollars with ReFi, and we are fully respectful of that. This makes a swift launch even more important.

We do have some fantastic partnerships in the pipeline, which is an exciting prospect for the team and our investors, so do stay tuned!

As always, any questions or concerns please find us in the Telegram Chat;



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Reimagined Finance


$ReFi is a crypto investment management protocol listed on the Ethereum & BNB chain, which allocates capital and generates yield for its investors.