$ReFi — Farming Strategy Update

  1. Low Risk budget (volatility <5%)
  2. Medium Risk budget (volatility between 5–40%)
  3. Higher risk budget (volatility >40%)
  1. What are they doing/coding above and beyond the original $OHM fork smart contract?
  2. What is the TVL?
  3. What is the roadmap?
  4. How engaged is their community? What kind of discussions are taking place in their discord and telegram?
  5. Do they have plans for utility for the native token?
  6. What is their rebase policy? Is there an warm up epoch policy?
  7. What is their treasury management policy? Are they active in de-risking? What are the mint discounts at? Where have they been previously?
  8. How much of the liquidity do they own? What is the circulating supply? How much is staked?
  9. What is the current APY runway? What is the backing per coin?
  1. Low Risk budget -> 40% of capital -> expecting 30% APY+
  2. Medium Risk budget -> 30% of capital -> expecting up to 6000% APY
  3. Higher Risk budget -> 30% of capital -> potential for extremely nice compounded gains.



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Reimagined Finance

$ReFi is a crypto investment management protocol listed on the Ethereum & BNB chain, which allocates capital and generates yield for its investors.