How ReFi Pro Can Help Manage an NFT Project’s Treasury

Reimagined Finance
2 min readSep 1, 2022

The recent market slump since Bitcoin & Ethereum’s all time high in November 21' caught many by surprise, and whilst at the time of writing the market has taken a positive turn it was another reminder that the crypto market is not all ‘Up Only’.

The NFT sector is where we have seen many a project struggle because of the lack of treasury management, whereby their NFT’s are sold in the native token albeit, ETH, SOL, ADA, FTM etc. and the treasury remains in that token. Great as the market continues an upward trajectory but difficult on the downward.

There are many that manage this by moving some or perhaps all to stablecoins once received protecting them from a drop but still this doesn’t provide them any yield on the stablecoins they hold.

This is where we believe ReFi Pro can assist. It may not be wise to allocate 100% of a treasury in one place as funds will need to be retained to meet short term costs, but a large portion can be deposited with USDC into a ReFi Pro vault with an aim to achieve a return of 35–40% pa.

Our Investment Team will actively manage the Treasury, which as a Full Time role will save a project from either the costs of hiring someone to manage this OR free up the Founders/Team Members time to focus on providing value to their community members.

Having our Investment Team manage the Treasury also negates the need to conduct the thorough and timely research Treasury Management requires, such things as knowing which protocols you can deposit too, assessing smart contract & bridging risk, monitoring impermanent loss and optimising stablecoin holdings for the best yield whilst also managing the risk (e.g. UST & 4pool). In addition our Investment Team is and continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new opportunities often obtaining access to products/offerings that are yet to make it to market.

Below provides an overview of Reimagined Finances offering or feel free to join our Telegram Group where we have someone available to answer any questions 24/7.



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