Creating Value for $ReFi Holders

For those that were with us through the first 3–4 months from launch you will remember how important distributions are to us, the project and investors. One thing that has not changed since launch is that our main focus has always been to reward our $ReFi token holders, and whilst this market remains tricky in finding consistent profit, we are determined to return to paying distributions to $ReFi holders when we can.

With the upcoming launch of ReFi Pro and us revisiting the tokenomics we wanted to ensure that ReFi Pro continued to enhance the ReFi Token proposition in the best ways possible. Therefore, we have structured the allocation of the ReFi Pro Performance Fees, such that a % of the Performance Fee will now be pooled into a distribution wallet, and sent on to ReFi token holders at select times, the remainder of the fee will be sent to the ReFi Treasury as before.

This distribution pool structure provides existing $ReFi token holders with an additional stream of capital inflow by receiving $ETH/$BNB, and incentivises them to hold the $ReFi token for the long-term.

In summary, these are the 3 ways which $ReFi holders can earn rewards:

1. Reflections via trading volume

2. Distributions from ReFi Pro Performance Fees

3. Distributions from the ReFi Farm (At Investment Managers’ Discretion)

What does this mean for future tokenomics?

A good question and one that will likely alter and adapt as the crypto landscape changes — however, we feel that should we be able to maintain ReFi’s Treasury Growth from our risk management, trading profit and 2% ReFi Pro management fees together with our holders being rewarded with sizeable and regular distributions from a mix of ReFi Treasury Growth & ReFi Pro Performance Fees we may be in a position to do away with taxes in its entirety.

Reducing taxes to 0% opens up avenues of its own, most notably the ability to be listed and traded on multiple exchanges with only those that hold tokens outside of an exchange eligible for distributions.

Largely a future prospect as we continue to learn to walk before we run but very much in our thinking.

As always, any questions or concerns please find us in the Telegram Chat;



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Reimagined Finance

Reimagined Finance


$ReFi is a crypto investment management protocol listed on the Ethereum & BNB chain, which allocates capital and generates yield for its investors.